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ELITE tree services

why us?

Our team of trained and certified tree removal experts are dedicated to providing affordable and exceptional tree services in North NJ. With over 15 years of industry experience, we bring expertise and reliability to every project. From tree removal to pruning and more, we offer a comprehensive range of services throughout Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Glouceste, and Morris counties.

we're Local

When it comes to tree services in NJ, look no further than our dedicated team. Whether you need expert pruning, safe tree removal of hazardous or dead trees, or efficient stump grinding, we approach each service with promptness and minimal disruption to your daily routine. Trust our experienced professionals to deliver exceptional tree services.


We collaborate closely with our customers to design a customized strategy that not only improves the appearance and health of your trees but also determines if tree removal is necessary. With our industry-standard methods, extensive knowledge, and years of experience, our local tree contractors in North NJ efficiently deliver the desired results you're seeking.


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CONTACT US: (973) 668-0020

Are You In Need of Professional Tree Services in NJ?

Look no further than Elite Tree Services! We provide a comprehensive range of tree services including tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree lopping, tree cutting, stump grinding, crane service, and lot clearing.


As a certified and insured tree service company, we prioritize safety and efficiency, utilizing up-to-date equipment, machinery, and trucks to deliver prompt and reliable service to our customers.

Whether you're seeking to enhance the aesthetics of your property, remove a tree, or improve sunlight exposure, our experienced tree professionals are here to assist you. We understand the importance of maintaining a visually appealing and safe outdoor environment.

In addition, we offer 24-hour emergency tree services, ensuring that we're available to address any urgent tree-related issues year-round.

For more information about our reputable tree service contractor in NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020. Trust us as your go-to tree removal company in NJ. Let us take care of your tree service needs with professionalism and expertise.

elite tree truck overlooking a lake

Did you know? We are fully insured and licensed tree service contractors!

We are happy to provide a certificate of our insurance, so you can rest easy knowing that you're are always properly protected with us.

We own all our equipment and we maintain it for excellent condition so we are ready to go whenever you are.

two elite trucks, one loaded with tree trunks, parked

Prepare to be impressed when Elite arrives at your property!

Our team exudes professionalism and ensures a polished appearance throughout the job. You'll easily recognize our crew as they proudly wear our company shirts, and our trucks and equipment boldly display our company name in large, unmistakable letters. As we set foot on your property, we immediately begin preparing the area for the task at hand.


Ground preparation is meticulously done to ensure a smooth and safe operation. We conduct a thorough assessment of the situation from all angles, prioritizing safety above all else.

We understand that every eye is on us as we perform our tree services. That's why we have the utmost respect for your property and are keenly aware of the impression we make. We consider ourselves performers, and the neighbors are our audience. Their evaluation of our workmanship and professionalism is important to us, and we take pride in the positive feedback we receive.

Caring about our work and the opinion of others is at the core of our values. Every day, we take all these factors into consideration, and it truly shows in how we approach our work. You can trust that Elite Tree Services will deliver exceptional results while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and respect.

Why we're committed to trees:

Recently, we received a call from an apartment complex in need of estimates for tree trimming. Eager to assist, we promptly scheduled a visit the following day. As we arrived, we diligently assessed the trees, taking photographs to aid in our evaluation. With expertise and efficiency, we provided a professional written estimate right on the spot. The property had numerous trees requiring attention, ranging from pruning to removal.

During the estimate discussion with the property owner, he openly expressed his satisfaction with our approach, highlighting a level of care that he felt was lacking in other companies. He also commended our competitive pricing and inquired about the earliest possible start date for the work. Despite a busy season for tree service companies, we accommodated the request and scheduled the job for the following week.

Throughout the project, we poured our dedication and expertise into every task. Upon completion, the property owner shared his delight with the remarkable results we achieved. He specifically noted our exceptional cleanup efforts, which ensured that the property was left in pristine condition after each day's work.

At Elite Tree Services, our commitment to providing exceptional service, competitive pricing, and genuine care for our customers sets us apart. We take great pride in not only meeting but exceeding expectations.


Contact us today to experience the same level of service that impressed our valued customers!

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