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Looking for professional tree services in NJ? Look no further than Elite Tree Services! We are a trusted tree service company offering a wide range of services including tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and stump grinding. With over 15 years of experience, our highly skilled professionals deliver fast and efficient tree services.

Operating throughout New Jersey, we specialize in serving Passaic County, Morris County, and Essex County. When you choose Elite Tree Services, you can expect affordable and high-quality tree services that meet your specific needs.

Tree removal is performed for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Whether you need a tree removed to enhance your property's appearance or ensure safety, our professionals will swiftly and safely handle the task. Tree trimming is another service we excel in, as it helps prevent damage caused by fallen branches during inclement weather. It also promotes better lighting and improves the overall look of your tree.

Our expertise extends to tree pruning, which focuses on enhancing the health and appearance of your tree. By stimulating branch growth and removing or thinning out necessary branches, we ensure optimal tree health. Additionally, if you have an unwanted tree stump on your property, our tree company has the necessary tools to completely remove it.

We go the extra mile by offering crane and bucket truck services, allowing us to tackle even the most challenging tree-related tasks. Furthermore, our 24-hour emergency tree services provide peace of mind knowing that we're available when you need us most.

For more information about our comprehensive tree services in NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020.


Trust us to deliver exceptional results and exceptional customer service.

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If unstable tree branches pose a hazard to your property and neighbors, look no further than Elite Tree Service for prompt and reliable tree trimming in NJ. We understand the risks associated with weak and shaky branches, especially during inclement weather. Even moderate winds can cause these branches to fall, potentially causing property damage and injury. That's why our team of tree professionals is committed to addressing the problem efficiently and ensuring your property is safe from potential accidents.

Our affordable tree services aim to maintain the beauty of the trees on your property while ensuring they don't interfere with your quality of life. Whether you require emergency tree trimming or regular maintenance to enhance the appearance of your trees, our skilled professionals are here to add value to your home and property. We employ efficient and safe methods to ensure your trees are trimmed promptly, delivering the safety and aesthetic appeal you desire.

In addition, tree trimming can revitalize the look of your property, giving it a well-maintained and refreshed appearance. Our specialized equipment allows us to remove any necessary branches without causing harm to the tree itself. Regardless of the scale of the tree trimming job, our professionals are equipped to handle it. We provide 24-hour emergency tree trimming services for your convenience and peace of mind.

When you need expert tree trimming in NJ, trust a professional tree company with years of experience, the right equipment, and trained experts who understand how to efficiently and effectively perform tree trimming services. At Elite Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing you with affordable and prompt tree trimming service that leaves your trees looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

For more information on our comprehensive tree services in NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020. We are here to serve you with outstanding tree services that exceed your expectations.

elite tree crane lifts and removes tree


When it comes to tree removal, homeowners and business owners have various reasons to opt for this service. If you have an unstable tree on your property, it is crucial to take swift action to prevent potential property damage or injuries. At Elite, our team of expert professionals is committed to promptly responding to your call and providing reliable tree removal in NJ to ensure the safety of you and your property.

We prioritize the safety of your family and property, and while our aim is to minimize tree removal in NJ, we understand that there are circumstances where it becomes unavoidable. In such cases, it is essential to engage a tree removal service that places your safety and well-being as their utmost priority. When you reach out to us with concerns about a potentially hazardous tree, we offer a free professional estimate to determine the necessity of tree removal in North NJ. Whether a tree is afflicted with disease, poses a hazard, or if you notice a dying or dead tree on your property, our experienced professionals employ industry-standard equipment and methods gained through years of experience to perform expert tree removal in NJ.

At Elite Tree Service, we possess the necessary equipment and machinery to execute safe and professional tree removal. Our state-of-the-art tools empower us to handle a wide range of tree-related challenges. We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering our services with a high level of professionalism and offering affordable tree service removal costs. Additionally, our availability extends to 24 hours a day, ensuring we can respond promptly to emergency tree removal situations.

For more information, contact Elite Tree Services today at (973) 668-0020

recently pruned tree with no leavesces


Effective and precise tree pruning can significantly enhance the value of your property and your overall living experience. Whether you seek to stimulate branch growth, provide new outlets for fresh branches, or optimize sunlight exposure on your property, tree pruning serves various purposes. Our team of professionals is fully equipped to handle any tree pruning services you may require. When you consult with our tree service experts, we not only provide you with a free pruning estimate but also devise a tailored strategy to ensure optimal results for your trees and property.

At Elite Tree Services, we work year-round to give your trees the desired appearance you envision. During the warm summer months, our tree pruning professionals skillfully direct or alter the growth of trees to meet your satisfaction. In the dormant winter months, our pruning promotes healthy regrowth in the spring and summer, allowing for the development of sturdy new limbs while removing defective or unhealthy branches. Regardless of the season, our tree pruning in NJ leaves your trees looking healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.

We approach tree pruning with great care, ensuring the removal of necessary branches while avoiding damage to other areas of the tree. Our skilled team utilizes special techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to achieve precise results. We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your daily routines or living environment, and our tree pruning services are tailored to minimize interference. With our prompt and efficient approach, we will update the appearance of trees on your property, making them safer and healthier. Furthermore, we offer 24-hour emergency tree pruning services to cater to any urgent needs that may arise.


For more information about our comprehensive Tree Service in North NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020. 

machinery stump grinding wood


Don't underestimate the importance of stump removal! Leaving stumps in the ground to save costs can have long-term consequences. At Elite Tree Service, our stump grinding service offers an affordable solution that brings numerous benefits to your property. By removing the stump, you create more usable space in your yard. Additionally, stump grinding improves the health of your grass by eliminating potential barriers and prevents the growth of weeds and unwanted plants around the stump. Most importantly, our safe and professional stump grinding service helps prevent accidents and injuries.

Stump grinding is a complex process that requires the right tools and expertise. At Elite Tree Service, our team of professionals is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to ensure the complete removal of the stump and its roots. Regardless of the depth of the roots, our experts have the necessary resources to handle stump grinding at any level. We prioritize your safety and convenience by offering 24-hour emergency stump grinding services in NJ.

For more information about our comprehensive Tree Service in North NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020. Trust us to provide you with reliable and professional stump grinding services that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your property while ensuring your safety. Don't settle for stumps - choose Elite Tree Service for complete stump removal.

clearing of where tree once stood


When it comes to land clearing in NJ, it requires a high level of expertise and the right equipment to ensure a safe and thorough job. Land clearing involves the removal of trees, stumps, rocks, debris, and the leveling of the ground. Whether you're preparing a site for personal or commercial use, land clearing is the crucial first step. At Elite Tree Services, we are here to assist you with our professional land clearing services in NJ, getting your land ready for use in no time.

Just like all our services, our land clearing is executed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the safe and complete removal of trees, debris, stumps, and rocks from the property. Our professional team at Elite Tree Services is well-equipped to handle any land clearing task, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and drawing upon our expertise to deliver outstanding results. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and our ability to complete any land clearing project efficiently and effectively.

For more information about our comprehensive Tree Service in NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020. Trust us to provide you with reliable and professional land clearing services, setting the foundation for your future endeavors. With Elite Tree Services, your land will be cleared and ready for the next stage of development.

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When a tree falls on your property due to disease, death, or after a heavy storm, prompt and safe removal is crucial. At Elite Tree Services, our crane services provide an effective solution for the swift and secure removal of large, dead trees from your residential or commercial property. Dead trees can pose significant risks to structures, powerlines, walkways, roadways, pedestrians, and drivers. Climbing or removing limbs from such trees can be difficult or impossible due to their condition or surrounding obstacles. In these situations, our crane services offer a safe and efficient method that prioritizes the safety of people and structures on your property. Count on us to swiftly and safely remove fallen trees from your property without delay.

We understand the importance of working within your timeframe to ensure your land is ready when you need it. Our crane services are not limited to tree removal; they are also highly effective in preparing land for construction projects. Whether it's removing large boulders, trees, debris, or any unwanted objects from your property, our professional crane services ensure efficient completion of the task at hand. With prices designed to fit your budget, our crane service professionals are available to assist in developing your land for your intended usage, catering to projects of all sizes.

Trust us to provide you with reliable and professional crane services that facilitate the safe and efficient removal of fallen trees or prepare your land for construction projects. Elite Tree Services is your go-to choice for prompt and expert tree services.

For more information about our comprehensive Tree Service in NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020.

leveled dirt lot


We're here to assist you every step of the way! Land grading is a complex process, but with our extensive experience and expertise, we have successfully completed numerous projects with confidence and skill. Our decades of experience have equipped us with the knowledge and proficiency to handle a wide range of land grading tasks.

Land grading typically involves the use of heavy equipment such as excavators, skid steer loaders, or backhoes. As part of the process, our skilled contractors will meticulously dig and remove dirt, level slopes, fill low spots, compact the soil, and create a level building site. We are equipped to haul dirt to fill holes or level slopes, ensuring a smooth and even surface.

Our land grading service is specifically designed to level the terrain, fill in holes, and address slopes as needed. We take pride in our attention to detail and our ability to transform uneven or problematic areas into properly graded surfaces. By removing any obstacles and ensuring proper compaction, we create a stable foundation for your project.

We are ready to provide you with reliable and professional land grading services that set the stage for your desired land development. Count on Elite Tree Services for exceptional results that meet your specific needs.

For more information about our comprehensive Tree Service in NJ, contact Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020. 

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Elite Tree Services is excited to announce our new service offering: Fence Installation. Now, we can help you enhance not only the beauty and health of your trees but also the security and aesthetics of your property with high-quality fence installation.

Why Choose Our Fence Installation Services?

1. Expert Craftsmanship

Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in fence installation, ensuring that your fence is expertly crafted, sturdy, and built to last.

2. Variety of Styles

We offer a wide range of fence styles to suit your property's needs and your personal preferences, including wood, vinyl, chain-link, and more.

3. Enhanced Security

A well-installed fence provides an additional layer of security for your property, giving you peace of mind.

4. Curb Appeal

A beautifully designed and installed fence can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home or business.

5. Custom Solutions

We work closely with you to understand your needs and design a fence solution that perfectly complements your property.

Our Process

  1. Consultation: Our team will meet with you to discuss your fencing needs, style preferences, and budget.

  2. Design: We'll work on a customized fence design that meets your specifications and enhances your property's aesthetics.

  3. Installation: Our skilled technicians will install your fence efficiently and with attention to detail, ensuring it stands the test of time.

  4. Finishing Touches: We'll ensure your fence is properly finished and looks impeccable.

Contact Us Today

Ready to upgrade your property with a beautifully crafted fence? Contact Elite Tree Services at 973-668-0020 or visit our website at to learn more about our Fence Installation services and schedule a consultation.

Enhance your property's beauty, security, and value with Elite Tree Services Fence Installation. 🏡🌳 #FenceInstallation #PropertyEnhancement #ExpertCraftsmanship #CurbAppeal #Security

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