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Tree Service Company of New Jersey


At Elite Tree Services, our tree removal professionals are trained and certified to provide homeowners and business owners with an affordable tree service in North NJ. With over 15 years of experience, Elite Tree Services is a company dedicated to providing customers with excellent tree removal services. We provide a full line of tree services in North Jersey including Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County,  Gloucester County and in Morris County.

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When you are looking for a tree service contractor in NJ to prune or trim a tree on your property, perform tree removal on dead, hazardous trees, or perform stump grinding: our professionals approach each service without delay and minimal interference to your daily routine. We deliver high quality results to regain the aesthetics of your property by removing branches near power lines that are encroaching on a neighboring yard, or are causing a disturbance to your property. Our tree services are designed to not only make your property more beautiful, but to provide safety to you and any guests you may have.

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Trees offer great curb appeal to your property. However, trees that are not maintained can begin to decay, dry out, or create an undesirable appearance. When you notice your tree needs trimming, call our expert tree service contractors for a free estimate. We work with our customers to design a strategy that enhances your tree's appearance and health or decide if a tree removal is  necessary. With our industry standard methods, knowledge, and years of experience, our local tree contractors in North NJ efficiently achieve the results you are looking for. 

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Elite Tree Services -

Your tree removal company in NJ

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Are you looking for a  Tree Service in NJ?

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Tree Lopping in NJ  – Tree Cutting in NJ – Stump Grinding in NJ – Crane Service in NJ Lot Clearing in NJ

As a certified and insured tree service company in NJ, we carry up-to-date tree removal equipment, machinery, and trucks for a prompt and safe service that customers can depend on. Whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of your property, have a tree removed or wish to have more sunlight exposure, our tree professionals are here to serve you.


Our NJ tree company also offers 24 hour emergency tree services, 365 days of the year.  

For more information on our Tree Service Contractor in NJ, 
call Elite Tree Services today at 973-668-0020!

Elite Tree Services - Your tree removal company in NJ

At Elite Tree Services we have many testimonials of happy customers that we will be sharing as time goes on. Please check back to our site from time to time and read some. There are so many great stories that we will share:

Did we mention that we are fully insured and are also a licensed tree service contractor too? We are happy to provide a certificate of our insurance for you so you can rest easy knowing that we and your property are always protected when you select our company to do the work. In addition we provide services for commercial property of all types.

We own all our equipment and we maintain it for excellent condition so we are ready to go whenever you are.

"People are always impressed when we arrive at a job. We are very professional and look the part.


All the guys on the team are wearing our tree service company shirts and it is easy to spot our trucks and equipment as everything has our tree services company name on it in very big letters. As we arrive on your property we begin to prepare it for the task at hand. We do ground prep to the areas we are going to be driving any equipment on. We assess the situation for safety from every angle. To us safety is key. We also respect your property and know that everyone is watching us to see just how we perform our tree service. We are well aware that we are actually putting a show for all the neighbors and as we work people are evaluating everything we do and how we do it. So many folks have had so many positive things to say about how we conduct ourselves on a job site. We are proud that we care about our work and we care about what everyone thinks. We take all these things in to consideration and it shows in how we go about or work every day."

— Name, Title

A little story about our tree service:


"An apartment complex called our tree service and said they were in the process of getting estimates for all the trees to be trimmed and asked if we did free estimates. Of course we were happy to oblige and went out the next day to take a look. We took pictures and did a professional written estimate on the spot. They had many trees that needed to be trimmed. Some actually needed to be removed and some just a little pruning. As we were going over the estimate with the property owner he proceeded to tell us that he had several companies out to do estimated but we showed a level of caring that the other companies just didn’t have. He also mentioned that we had very good prices compared to the others and asked how soon could we could start the work. It was a busty time of year for tree service companies, so we had a pretty busy schedule but we started the following week. After we were finished he had expressed to us what a wonderful job we did and how nice we cleaned up after ourselves every day."

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