Elite Tree Services is a professional tree service company Servicing homeowners and business owners for over 15 years. Located in Roxbury Township, NJ, we operate in several counties including Passaic County, Morris County and Essex County. At Elite Tree Services, commitment and integrity define who we are as a tree service company. We strive to provide customer satisfaction with each of our affordable tree services.

To really know all about our company you need to see us on a job all working in unison as a well-oiled machine. Our teams work together day in and day out so they all know each other very well and each person performs their job well every day. We have crane operators, truck drivers, tree cutters; labor guys that do things like feed the chipper to have a effective tree service. Our tree service company move the wood around and all sorts of things to keep your property safe while we are there. Each person on the team is of equal importance. Working together every day develops a sincere relationship with each other. The guys frequently get together with each other’s families on their off days and have meals together and attend different functions as a team even off work time. At the beginning of every work day the first thing the guys do is check all the equipment to be sure everything is going to operate properly throughout the day so the job doesn’t get slowed down because of a mechanical failure. They check everything on the list we have made up so nothing gets left behind or neglected. Then it’s time to plan the route to your place. That’s right we actually have to be conscientious of exactly how we get to your place. Especially if we are bringing the big stuff. Some turns are hard to make so we plan ahead. Then upon arrival we prepare the ground so we don’t damage anything before the tree service. Then we set up to begin.  As you watch all this unfold it is quite a show. People have told us many times it is like a performance the way we all work together to do an excellent job. We look out for all your plants, shrubs as well as other trees along with everything else on your property that we don’t want to damage. The work is executed in a orderly fashion and consequently it all gets done in a timely manner. We can complete a difficult job quicker than most other companies for a few different reasons.


First we never need to rent equipment. This is a big plus as we all know the equipment so well to perform a good tree service. After all we maintain it ourselves.


Second, we all work together every day. We know just what to do and in what order so it all goes smoothly.


Finally we all have the same common interest in mind at all times, Safety! That’s right. This is a dangerous job if not done correctly. Someone could get hurt. But not with us. We pay attention to detail and look out for each other every minute. You can count on us to be aware of everything that is necessary to do a great job while on your property.

At Elite Tree Services, our team of professionals are fully certified and trained to perform any tree service your property needs. We believe a comprehensive training and safety program is essential to prevent potential problems and unsafe tree removal. Customer safety and satisfaction are our two main priorities that we meet with every project we take on. We provide 24 hour emergency tree services, as well as a free estimate and consultation before performing the tree service you need.


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