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Are my Trees Ready for Spring?

Even though it may still be cold outside, preparing trees for the Spring can begin in March. In order for you tree to be ready for its new full growth one must prepare for them for the warming temperatures and even late spring freezing conditions. A property owner can always engage in preparation steps to aid their trees or even contract experts in landscaping and tree management to ensure their trees have a sound and healthy start to the season.

Testing the soil of your property and the soil surrounding the trees is a first step. As you may know, plants can be picky, and they choose to grow only in certain kinds of soils, with certain kind of nutrients, and sun exposure. Additionally, depending on the kind of trees you have, it will determine the kind of plans that grow around it. Testing your soil's pH is imperative as a starting point. At this point you can decide if you need to make changes to the nutrients of your soil. Deciding to enhance it with conditioners and additives will assist the soil in being an environment worthy for succulent plants. An early start to a healthy soil will give your tress a better change to produce more fruitful growth. Managing the soil in late winter, will enable the soil to absorb and spread the nutrients across your property.

Late winter is also a good time to decide and act on expanding your planting grounds. As a result of continued cold temperatures, it is important that you add protection to the planted trees once they are in the ground. For example, you can use tarps, dry blankets, or even a thin plastic. Take caution not to add anything that will stimulate grow at this time, on the contrary, if the blankets get wet, make sure to change them immediately.

If your trees experience temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit it is likely they can be negatively impacted by frost damage. Throughout the year, you can help your tree by ensuring that you water deeply but not necessarily too frequently. Using fertilizers during late spring /early summer will give them an advantage for those harsh weather moments.

Despite the poor appearance that your trees may have during this time of the year, you can take advantage of the clear site without leaves, to trim those branches that are dead or not looking like they will reproduce leaves in the coming spring. You can look for trees that have shriveled dry leaves, blackened sections, This can be a risky task, because if you cut and expose the tree branches to the weather elements, it can be detrimental to the health of your trees. If you are not sure, call Elite Tree Services to ensure you are pruning and cleaning up the branches that are threatening your trees health and not the contrary.

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