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Trees Give us Eternity!

Have you ever thought about an alternative to a coffin, an incinerator, or a cemetery? Trees are becoming the new way for us humans to rest and grow in peace after we leave this physical life. Biodegradable burial pods are the newest trend. A corpse or ashes can provide nutrients to a tree planted above it. These ecological pods turn your remains in to a tree and do not use a coffin.

What kind of tree will you be? You can choose to have your ashes be inserted into a small pod which will feed a tree or have your entire body placed in a pod in fetal position, planted on Earth like a seed and then grow to be the kind of tree you choose to be. Many have spoken about this being the "greenest" way of dying and contributing to Earth. What do you think?

The biodegradable urns with your ashes can create a garden of trees and plants that are taken care of by the surviving family members and create a natural memorial for their loved ones. Depending on the environment where you will be planted, the urns will be planted with your ashes and with seeds that are prominent in the identified area. If this is the kind of life after death you would like, you can certainly so some research to what seeds are most prominent in the area where you want to be planted. Imagine cemeteries filled with planted trees instead of tombstones?

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20 thg 11, 2020

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