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Protecting Your Trees from Storm Damage

The first and the most effective step to storm-proof trees is by keeping them strong and healthy long before a storm arrives and ruin everything in your yard. There is no question that healthy trees can withstand the most extreme weather conditions compared to weaker ones. Branches are less likely to fall and cause damages to the plants’ immediate area when the trees are strong and completely healthy.

How To Strengthen Your Trees

There are several things that you can do to ensure that trees grow healthy:

-Providing them with proper water, regular and corrective pruning and fertilizer depending on the species are the most important steps.

-Make sure to start these routines when trees are still young.

Don’t wait for your trees’ health to decline before you start taking good care of them.

Trim Trees Regularly

At first, you may think that tree pruning damages your tree what with all the sawing off of branches and thinning its foliage. However, when pruning is done in the proper way, it can help trees withstand storms. It is highly advised that you start pruning your trees while they are young in order for them to develop a strong central trunk.



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