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How To Recognize A Dead Tree

It can be hard to know whether or not your tree is dead. We at Elite Tree Service know how difficult it can be to decide whether or not it is time to cut down your tree. That's why we have collected information to help you come to a conclusion:


The leaves on trees usually can be tell-tale signs that your tree is dead. for example, if you're in the middle of summer and there are absolutely no leaves on a tree, then there is most likely something wrong with your tree. However, this can be hard to determine if it is during colder temperatures of the year. A sign during winter are tree buds, which are small dots that line your tree along the ends of branches. If your tree doesn't not have these visible dots, it is most likely dead.


Branches can tell us a lot about a trees health. If a tree is dying, then the branches will also begin to decline starting from the tips. however, if only one branch or twig is dying does not mean that your entire tree is dead. It should only become concerning if there are multiple branches that are dying.


If large sections of bark are peeling off a tree (unless it's a trait of that species) it is a dead give away that the tree might be dead. Trees along with many other things, rot. If your tree is rotting it definitely means that there is a big problem at hand.


The last way to conclude your investigation is by looking at the base of the tree. If you notice a large number of mushrooms growing around your tree or roots lifting up from the ground then it is likely that your tree had died or is in the process of dying.

Dealing with dead trees is never easy, that why we at Elite Tree Services are here to help. Whether dealing with a dead or destabilized tree, we are dedicated to working with you to ensure a safe tree removal. Call us today for your free consolation: (973) 668-0020

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