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How To Protect Your Tree From Damage

Many people buy property with the dream of constructing a beautiful home. Often they try to enhance both the look and the value of the lot, using the trees on the property. In most cases, homeowners do not realize that such activities can have some serious damage on the tree. Construction involves heavy machinery and equipment that can break,m split and tear tree branches, or damage or wound the trees trunk. Tools and supplies are often piled up at the base of a tree, causing trunk damage. Unskilled contractors may even remove branches that interfere with the operation of their equipment, leaving poor pruning cuts that may never seal property.

Most of the damage during construction occurs underground, which is where some of the most serious harm can be done, and is most likely not immediately detected by homeowners. Damage to the root system causes serious harm, and can lead to the decline and death of a tree. Typical damage occurs during digging or trenching, when roots are severed or cut, or when there's a significant amount of the root system is removed. Tree roots act as stabilizers, providing anchorage and support, and tress can be rather delicate, despite their large sizes.


We provide Morris County tree removal to the following communities:

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